Pilates Classes

Beginners Class

60 minutes

This class is specifically designed to educate and bring awareness of the Pilates basic principles before attending any of the other classes available on the timetable. It will help you familiarise yourself in a much slower paced environment, allowing you time to gain confidence in what you are doing and knowledge of the essential exercises within the Pilates repertoire. Come prepared to learn, participate and have fun! Everyone welcome!

Mixed Level

60 minutes

These classes are specifically designed to cater for anyone who has just completed their beginner’s course with me to pre-intermediate stage.  We all learn and move at different levels and I am experienced in accommodating for everyone within these levels.  You’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll be able to move onto intermediate or even some of the other classes that are on the timetable!


60 minutes

Congratulations! You’ve made the transition from beginners to intermediate! Or just as much a cause for celebration, you’re already at this level?!

The Intermediate class is designed for those of you who have been doing Pilates for a while, are very familiar with the basic principles and confident in your ability to move with focus and precision throughout the intermediate levels. This class will be more dynamic, slightly quicker in pace with various levels designed to challenge and intensify each exercise.

121 Training with Marina

Enjoying the classes but just want that little extra help?  Why not come train with me one on one?  One to One training offers you the opportunity to work with a specific bespoke exercise programme for your needs.