“Marina is an excellent Pilates instructor and I really enjoy our weekly sessions.  I have an on-going back problem which Marina is always mindful of when planning our sessions.  She plans exercises to both strengthen and stretch out the areas in which I suffer with muscular problems.   Marina also uses different equipment in our classes which keep it both interesting, whilst allowing me to safely engage in some of the more advanced exercises.
Each week Marina delivers a new, fun and challenging programme working on all areas of the body to make it an all-round enjoyable class.”

“I had wanted to try Pilates for a really long time but wasn’t sure which studio would be best and I wasn’t familiar with anyone my age (22) who went. Through a ‘friend of a friend’ I discovered Marina and as I knew her I already felt comfortable with attending her classes, and I was not disappointed!  I simply LOVED it.  I have known Marina on a personal level for years but as an instructor, she was simply brilliant.   She is full of knowledge, enthusiasm, patience, fun, and makes a real effort to get to know everyone and their bodies on a personal level even in a group environment. Her love and passion for Pilates really inspires everyone to fall in love with it too. I have learnt so much about my body, breathing, different techniques and exercises and I always leave her classes feeling amazing. I wouldn’t go to anyone else!”

“Having had no Pilates experience at all I was enthusiastic but daunted at joining a class. I should not have worried as Marina was really great and clear at explaining the basic principles required to start Pilates. After a couple of classes my confidence was such that I started to really enjoy learning and tuning in to my body. Marina is extremely capable and easy to understand – her good humoured approach makes her Pilates class relaxing and enjoyable. I would highly recommend her classes.”

“I never thought I’d find a form of exercise that I enjoyed and then I started Pilates with Marina. She has great knowledge of the subject and teaches in a way that makes each exercise easy to understand. In the year that I have been doing Pilates I have come such a long way as Marina encourages me to push myself harder while ensuring that I carry out each exercise safely. Each week her programmes are innovative and her use of various props is a great addition to our sessions as she finds new ways for me to challenge myself.  Marina brings a great energy to each session emanating her unwavering passion for Pilates.”