1. Most importantly, if you are feeling unwell, please do NOT attend class and follow the Government’s guidelines in regards to self-isolating.  Let me know and I will ensure that any class credits are saved for future use.
  2. Please use sanitiser before and after class. I will also have sanitiser available during class should anyone feel the need to top up!
  3. Avoid touching your face!
  4. Sneeze into a tissue and bin it into the bin.  If you don’t have a tissue, these will be provided, or alternatively sneeze into the crook of your elbow.
  5. Please note COVID-19 signage within the studio.
  6. Please note that all equipment associated with the class with be sanitised before you attend.  It will be sanitised immediately after class has finished for the safety of clients coming to any subsequent classes.
  7. As much as I would love to encourage human connection, unfortunately at this time, I have to ask that you do not gather in groups either before or after the class.
  8. Face masks are not mandatory whilst exercising.  However, if you would prefer to wear a covering, that is entirely up to you.  I would suggest though that you consider wearing a face visor instead of a mask, therefore allowing you to breathe a little easier in class.  Please bring your own masks if you choose to wear one.
  9. The studio will be aired as much as possible, before, during and after class.
  10. All surface areas will be cleaned between each class throughout the day.
  11. To ensure my clients and I are kept safe, I will be introducing a ‘scan and submit’ COVID-19 disclaimer each time you attend class.  It simply means that upon arrival, you will scan a QR code onto your phone, click onto the link to complete a simple COVID-19 symptom free disclaimer and submit.  Your details will be stored under GDPR regulations.  This will ensure that the studio is symptom free in relation to clients.
    Please note that although I have taken as many measures as I possibly can to keep the studio virus free, I cannot absolutely guarantee it and therefore do not take any personal or professional liability.
  12. For the safety of my clients, only if absolutely necessary will any hands-on adjustments be made.  Should this be the case, the appropriate PPE will be used by me.